Porto Vecchio

The third town of Corsica offers you a very rich cultural activity, an busy nocture one and various too, ecxeptionnal places to have all- in one  plaisures: visiting, fareniente, sports, and discoveries….


Discovering Bonifacio and its famous cliffs. Boat tours of the caves and the Lavezzie and Cavallo islands.

Around Lecci Di Porto Vecchio

South Corsica is famous for its mountain landscapes: Bavella picks, Coscione, are as many invitations  to succumb to the charming Laricios pines. Granitic crates and wide spaces where wild horses can galop. And even more. Near by there is the St Cyprian beach and the di Sogno Gulf, Cala Rossa. South from Porto Vecchio, beaches of Santa Giulia and Palombaggia.

The Oso River

Oso is a little river that streams down in the south part of Corsica, and then it goes to the Tyrrhénienne on the south part of the coast.

At its begining, Oso is  named Piscia Di Ghjaddu River, where you can find the famous Fall  named from it, one of the most beautifull sight of the area, Then it follows the stream for about 23 kilometers long, running places worth seeing. Oso River begings one kilometers north east at the Punta Di U Diamante, culminating at 1227 meters hight.

That stream appears at 980 meters. This place to visit in south corsica takes place in the Ospedal Forest.

How to access to Oso river

The walking begins in the Ospedale forest to go to Piscia di Ghjaddu, which permit the access to the natural swimingpools.

You can find the access throughtout the path, all your way long.

Arriving from Porto Vecchio, you have to take the Bastia road, and then follow to Lecci.

The Oso is situated on your left, right before the Oso bridge.

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